We danced for model videos!

『From galaxias! to headquarters... From there we will begin the ecologic observation of the humans' 「Odottemita」...』

The performers for galaxias!'s rockin'on presents 「COUNTDOWN JAPAN 11/12」 on December 28th, 2011 (Wed) have been decided
and we're making an urgent call for "odottemita" videos to use in the event's galaxias! LIVE stage video. (The application period is from 12/14 (Wed) ~ 12/25 (Sun))

Come, on December 289th (Wed)... and help galaxias! towards the realization of "odottemita"!
Please be sure to participate!

galaxias!'s special "odottemita" website is here

glaxias!'s official website is here

Choreography, Filming and Editing / MTP (Yumiko MASATAKA)
Model Videos / DANCEROID

There are different model "odottemita" videos, including
DANCEROID Ver./ Itokutora Ver./ Aikawa Kozue Ver./ Yuzuki Ver./ Maam Ver.!


・Itokutora Ver.

・Aikawa Kozue Ver.

・Yuzuki Ver.

・Maam Ver.

Also, a winner will be chosen from the collected "odottemita" videos to win th galaxias! × galaxxxy award will also win the space pattern parker and balloon skirts that DANCEROID are wearing.

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