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The 「DANCEROID Fes in Taipei VOL.01 ~X`mas Special Live Party!!~」 commemorative T-shirts
that IkuraSan designed are now on sale online.

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It looks like there's not a lot of stock,
so grab it while you can. ><

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Watch today at 10PM, ok?

The Ustream program Twin planet channel is going to be broadcast today at 10PM. 

Today TenchimuSan, ApichunSan, and I are going to appear.

Please watch. (´▽`)


Also, I got a Doctor Ci-labo sample set at the office.

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I got a lot of presents in Pigg. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
Thank you very much. ><

Thanks for your help in Pigg Life also.キラキラ

Today I discovered Maam's garden
I'm a bit moved  w

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Q&A Answers ④

I don't think you have okyaku, but the line of your legs is so pretty.
Do you exercise or massage your legs or anything?
Please tell me how to get nice legs.

I'm not really doing anything special. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
I feel the need to do something too! Sorry!

What is your number one treasure?
Besides a person or animal. w Stuffed animals are ok.
Oh, if it's a secret then something else is ok too.
Just let me know what number it is. www

...Does that count as a person? *sweat*
It's ok because it's a group, right!?

What dancer do you recommend/like?

MiumeSan, Kimagure PrinceSan, NoraSan, HinataSan,
MayukiChan, RuukoChan, Nyantaro Project,
MelochinSan, NICOLE, Zeararu。San, Kamen Rider 217San!
I have a lot more though. ><

Have you ever dieted?
If so, what kind of diet?

I do!
I took repeated baths and stretched in the bathtub and stuff.
I also did dance club at a gym four days a week during the summer!
I ate sweets normally, but by doing this I lost 5kg in half a month and haven't had any rebound in over a year. 

Q.One MiryouSan
Who are you supporting in H!P?
Please tell us your top three.
And which is your favorite group??

Top three... that's difficult;;
If I can only pick three, then I guess Tsugunaga MomokoChan, FukudaKanonChan, and Okai ChisatoChan...
All of the groups have good points so I like them all!

How much mochi did you eat on New Year's?

Because of my braces, I didn't eat any mochi this year. ><

If you were to compare the DANCEROID members to animals?


I used to be in your dance club and I borrowed my friend's phone and called you.
Do you remember me?
Does someone like me have a chance to do to a collab with you?(´・ω・`)

I'm sorry for mishearing your name that time!
I'm not planning anymore collabs at the moment, but once I take care of some I would love to. (´▽`)

Q._M*@Suzu & Kugimii Shortage NowSan
Please tell us what anime and manga you like. (^O^)/

xxxHOLiC, Ichigo 100%, Prince of Tennis, ONE PIECE,
Gintama, Bokura ga Ita, NARUTO, Uta no ☆ PrinceSama♪ Maji LOVE1000%


How do you think of your original choreography, like Luka Luka?
Also, I'm learning Poker Face right now. Do you have any tips?

When I choreograph something
I listen to the song until I think I'm going to die→I start with the chorus→I match the rest of the dance to the mood of the chorus.
Recently I've realized that I have a lot of work! w
For Poker Face.. Um... It's sort of "rock" like! Dance it like an explosion! w
These are just my feelings so I don't know if they can really be used as reference;

Right now, what is your number one recommended idol group?!

Right now,
I think ℃-ute, S/mileage, or Buono!...
I want to hurry and hear Berryz Koubou's new song. ><

Buono! 『Hatsukoi Cider』 (MV) 

℃-ute 『Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko』 (MV) 

℃-ute 『Kiss me Aishiteru』 (MV) 

S/mileage 『Choto Mate Kudasai!』 (MV) 

I also like Tokyo Joshiryuu (although they aren't idols) and SUPER☆GiRLS!

Tokyo Joshiryuu / Kodou no Himitsu

SUPER☆GiRLS / Joshi Chikara←Paradise

Q.Nikukyu@Tory LoVe!San
Please tell us the names of your favorite clothes stores. (#`・ω・´#)★

LIZ LISA and Cecil McBee!
Lately I'm starting to like INGNI also!

What should I do if I want to dance with preciseness?

Use your muscles and strength and big movements!
How about starting from there? ><

Please tell us your top three idols!

I really can't pick a top three so here's just the idols I like! (Names listed w/o honorifics)
Berryz Koubou, Buono!, Morning Musume。, ℃-ute,
SUPER☆GiRLS, Tokyo Joshiryuu (although they're not idols),
(they broke up, but)Kanzen Maid Sengen

Concert Tour 2020 Fall ~ Rival Survival~ That's right! We're ALIVE

Berryz Koubou「Rival」 (MV) 

When are you on Pigg Life?

I'm playing Pigg Life a lot lately!
Although it's sort of my pace and just whenever I feel like it. w

Can I use your bit that you say at the end of your Nico Lives? ww

That's actually something Tsugunaga MomokoChan got from her manager
and I just took it and used it on my Nico Lives. www
So it's not really like I can give you permission! Sorry!

Please tell us what kind of guys fashion that you like.

I like suits and neckties. (´▽`)

I want to see one of your drawings... May I?

Haven't you seen Kirai na Hana Dayo!!!←

1. Who are your favorite artists? Favorite songs??
2. Please tell us what kind of hairstyles you like.♪

1. Shiina RingoSan, YUISan, Tokyo JihenSan, Kitade NanaSan
2. I have a long face so I like styles that give you volume on the sides!←

Please tell us the number three prefecture that you've never been to before, but want to go to. 
And if you have a reason, that too. (*^▽^*)

It's difficult to pick a number three, but I want to go to Okinawa!
Because it's far from Honshu!←

Is there anything new that you want to try this year?

Uuun... Not really?
I did, but my omikuji and fortunes said, "Make use of what you're given." so... w

Are there any 2D or 3D guys that you're interested in lately? (^O^)/

These aren't recent, but
Prince of Tennis's Oshitari Ryuu, Fuji Shuusuke, Atobe Keigo, and Yukimura Seiichi.
Gintama's Sakata Gintoki and Okita Sougo
Uta Prince's Jinguuji Ren and Shinomiya Natsuki
Oh, and XXXHOLIC's Watanuki Kimihiro!

What kind of makeup do you use? (´・ω・)

Please see Q&A Answers ①. ><
Sorry. ><

What should I do so I don't become unladylike?
Also, what do you think is important for girls?

Love is important to stay ladylike!
So I'm really becoming unladylike lately... (´;ω;`)
Something important for girls... Hm... Charm? I guess?

Does DANCEROID have any plans to come to China for a concert??

I want to so I'll do my best for us to be able to. ><

I'm a high schooler and had braces until a little while ago, but are you having them for the first time as an adult?
I'm wondering because I heard that if you get them as an adult they hurt longer than for children...
I think it's been a while since you got yours. Do they still hurt?
When I first got mine they hurt so much. (ノω・、)
But my teeth are really pretty now so I'm glad I got them!

They don't hurt at all anymore!
Sorry for making you worry!
When I first got them they hurt so much that I couldn't eat for about four days though. (´;ω;`)
But I'm fine now. (`・ω・´)

Um, what is your favorite dance?
Also, do you happen to like cats? w

Uuun, AH! All of them! Are my favorites!!
I love cats. (´▽`)

Is MTP Sensei strict during lessons?

I think she's normal!
There are teachers who get angry a lot, but MTP Sensei doesn't get angry that often!
She gives us plenty of warning though. ><

I have gifts for DANCEROID, but where should I send them?
Please tell me if there's anything I should be careful of also.

The address is
東京都港区六本木7-3-25 エグゼクティブアパートメント201
株式会社Beautiful Group
(Put DANCEROID in the ○○!)
Plesae don't send living things/raw foods. ><

Q.Michinoku@Reisakikaori(It's obvious that the New Year's Card won't arrive for New Years.←)San
Do you not think of choreography like Luka Luka and Lily Lily anymore?
Also, the new Prince of Tennis has started, but do you like any characters besdies Oshitari Yuushi?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't!←
I don't upload them to Nico though. ><
Besides Oshitari Yuushi I like Atobe, Fuji Shuusuke, and Yukimura.
If I were to list more, Niou, Yagyu, Sengoku and Ibu. (´▽`)

To be continued in ⑤.  


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