I went to a spa. ・ω・

Thank you for all of the comments for my Q&A  

I look forward to answering them as I find time
so I hope you do too. ´ω`  

Yesterday my friend Kurumi ChieChan invited me to go to the spa.    

We went to 「Times Spa Resta」 in Ikebukuro. `・ω・

We got out nails done, took a shower, got massages, got in the ofuro, ate at a restaurant, and then went home.    

The day went by so quickly. °ω°

I'm bad at doing nails so I've never done my own before,
but since it was such a great opportunity, I got them to do my nails for me. `ω´

My first ever gel nails.     

I had them make them snow/winterish.  

I've liked sparkly things ever since I was a child
so I just love the rhinestones and glitter. ´ω`*

Maybe this has made me a little bit more feminine...   

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