A Poll Regarding DANCEROIDing

I've often mentioned it on Twitter, but
DANCEROID's Nico Nico Live Broadcast  DANCEROIDing
will no longer be Saturdays at 10PM

We want to know what time would be the best for the viewers,
so we made a poll with the following times.

Sat 6~7PM
Sat 7~8PM
Sat 8~9PM
Sat 9~10PM
Sun 6~7PM
Sun 7~8PM
Sun 8~9PM
Sun 9~10PM

We want as many people to be able to watch as possible,
so please take part in our poll. ><

You can answer on this page

The deadline for the poll is the 26th (Thurs).

Thank you.  

Please check out these links. ><