Q&A Answers ②


Q.▼__ Noa(∵`)⊿San
What dance do you most recommend!?
If you could, please give us some dancing tips also. (′`*)
I love you, KozuKozu! (^ω^)

I wonder what kind of recommendation you want...
Do you mean, like, out of my own videos? *sweat*
Do you mean if you were to dance it? ><
If you mean to dance, then I like
『Platinum』-shin'in future Mix-!
As for dancing tips,
first of all, practice.
I think you like dancing only as much as you're willing to practice?

I live in Fukuoka. Do you like tonkotsu ramen?☆
Or what kind of ramen do you like? Please tell us. m(_ _)m

I like tonkotsu ramen!
I like shio ramen too! Rather, I like anything that tastes good! w

Do you play (television) video games?
What is your happiest memory from last year?
What is your saddest memory from last year? (If possible)
What are your aspirations for this year!?

Not at all. ><;
Happiest Memories: Being able to perform at Dance Master, being able to go overseas with DANCEROID
Saddest Memory: My pet parakeet died
Aspirations for this year: Do my best to take care of my health

Q.Sara@Kuzumi SistersSan
What is your favorite wota good? (*・ω・*)

It's something I received.
My idol calendar!
It's Berryz Koubou!

Q.Miss Aya RurikaSan
Since it's the new year...
Did you get otoshidama from someone?

I did!
From my parents and grandparents. ><

Do your parents know that you're in DANCEROID (entertainment industry)??
Also, how did you tell them about it??

They know!
Rather than telling them, my family found out about my videos the day after I uploaded my first one. w
Since then I've been telling them everything. ww

Please tell us your height and weight. (´;ω;`)
I'm on a diet right now so I really want to know your weight...

Height: 151cm
Weight: 41kg (Currently)
I hope you can use this as reference. (´▽`)

What kind of face lotion do you use?

What fashion item do you want the most right now?

A coat!
All of the coats I have now are all too thin! ww
I want a warm black or brown coat. ><

Q.Ame Onna。San
In terms of physical appearance, what girls do you want to be like?

Takahashi AiSan
Fukada KyokoSan

1. Will you upload one solo video a month in the future?
2. When MTP sensei is gone, will Melochin be your dance teacher?

1. It would be difficult to upload a solo video once a month, but I'd like to if I could... ><
2. MelochinSan won't be our teacher! I think it will be someone else!

Do your teeth not hurt anymore?

They hurt sometimes, but there's almost no pain. (´▽`)

Where do you practice your dancing?
And how long do you practice each day?

When we all dance together we rend a studio.
I also practice at home by myself. In my room or the living room.
I don't practice every day!
When I do, it's for about two hours... maybe?

How many minutes (or hours) do you practice dancing a day?

I practice for about two hours,
but I don't practice every day. (´・ω・`)

Q.Hello Momo Clover Z (Sayaka)San
Please tell us the most difficult dance you've ever learned. m(__)m
Also, please tell us what dance left the biggest impression on you!

HAKUMEI that I danced with DANCEROID
and Bye-bye are bother difficult!! Very!!!!
The dance that left the biggest impression... There are a lot...><

What songs do you sing at karaoke?

I sing a lot of Kitade NanaSan's songs,
Shiina RingoSan's songs!
I sing H!P and Vocaloid too!

Please tell us three of your favorite Vocaloid songs. (*゚.゚)ゞ

If I were to pick only three then...
EAT ME http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15234093
Eye Sensor http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15785925
Heaven's Weakness http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm14583646

Q.Hakunetsu GentoushaSan
I really like bye-bye from your first DVD, but
do you have any plans to reupload it?

I think that one's good the way it is, so no, I do not.

How does one become a riajuu?!?!?!?!
Frankly, I think it's all about luck. w

I'm thinking about joining the dance club in high school, but when did you start dance??
Please tell us why also! ( ´艸`)
If you have time, please tell us about times when you think that you're glad that you entered this industry. ヽ(*>ω<)人(>ω<*)ノ

I started dancing in kindergarten.
Apparently I said that I wanted to! (I don't remember thoughw)
At lives, when I get comments on my videos or blog, or when I receive fan letters
and realize that I am making people happy is when I think I'm glad that I entered this industry!

①How old are you?
②What is your favorite Vocaloid character and song??
③How can I join DANCEROID?w

①I'm 20!
②GUMI and Kagamine Rin! I like Teto too! Please see the above question for my favorite songs. w
③I don't know. >< Sorry;

What is your shoe size?


I want to be able to dance with preciseness like you. Do you have any tips?
Also, you upload a lot of wonderful videos last year,
but how do you learn dances so quickly and still make them such great quality!

My tip is to practice!
If there's someone who you want to dance like, try imitating their dancing in a mirror and research their style of movement!
Now I'm giving really serious tips! w
Also, I'm not really that fast at learning. w
When it comes to quality... Uuum
Last year I had a lot of videos that I made with others (collabs or having someone record for me) so...
I wonder what it is...
Oh, thinking about the people who will watch it while I make them?

Your skin is really pretty. What kind of face lotion or packs and stuff do you use??
Also, if there's any makeup that you bought recently or makeup that you buy repeatedly, please tell us!!

For basic items I use Venus Pure Beans items!
For cleansing, Venus PUre Beans,
My face lotion is Zeta White 2000,
My cream is Mubyaku. I've always used these. w
I don't use packs. ><
Recently I've started taking DHC's vitamin C supplements!

Do you have plans to upload another original choreography◎?

I do, but I don't. Haha.
I want to, but it's just so difficult. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

*Do you diet? If you do, please tell us what kind.
*Please tell us your recommend or the kind of color contacts that you use.

I'm not dieting, but I'm careful of a lot of thins!
Please see Q&A Answers ①. ><
I recommend color contacts from Celebrity Eyes and vivian!

*What are your favorite brands?
*Please tell us what kind of makeup tools you use. ´`
*Are there any cosplays that you want to try?

My favorite brands: Liz Lisa, Cecil McBee etc...
Makeup Tools: Please see Q&A Answers ① ><
Cosplay: Rin from Dark Ward

I think it's a beta question...←

It depends on the dance, but if I look at the computer and copy the moves
then about 3 to 4 hours?...!

When did you start dancing?

How do you learn dances?

I use all of my concentration and body while watching a mirrored video! w

To be continued  

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