Q&A Answers ③

What is the highest number of comments you've ever received on your blog?

Also, can you tell us about your daily routine and is Aikawa Kozue your real name?

I wonder how many... maybe 300~400 on my birthday or for Q&A corners?
I don't really remember the numbers... (´・ω・`)
I don't really have a daily routine!
Aikawa Kozue isn't my real name. ><

I want to be a dancer like you
so two other middle school girls and I
are trying to learn Ochame Kinou.
Do you have any tips you could share with us?

I didn't choreograph Ochame Kinou so I don't really have any tips concerning that dance, but
I think you should just go with the rhythm and have fun! (・∀・)
After all, Ochame Kinou is a parody of a parody! w

Q.Kotori@Hachikujimayoi☆Loli MusumeSan
Please give me some tips on how to dance well like you!! ><
Also, please tell me some easy and famous (?) anime or Vocaloid songs to dance to!! ><

I'm not good at dancing though! ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
I think the only thing you can do is practice and do your best. ><
Please see Q&A Answers ① for easy dances. >< I'm sorry.

Q.Airi√Zou sometimes HideSan
I love dance and I dance to DANCEROID's dance a lot at home, but...
would it be ok if my friends and I made a DANCEROID copy group//?
Also, please give me some pointers on Magnet and Megu Megu. ( ^∀^)

Please, please make a copy group! (・∀・)✩
Magnet is so difficult that I don't really have any tips!
I tried to make the moves look pretty while I practiced. ><
I think you should dance Megu Megu with a lot of energy!

Q.Suzusuke@I dance Kabutomushi no 9tarou!San
How did you all decide who would be which character when DANCEROID did 「Maji LOVE1000%」?
Please tell me~(*´ω`*人)

Based on our... mood.←
At the time King and I had just started watching the anime.
The other members had never seen the anime or played the games or anything.
It was like
King, "I want to be RenSama!"
Kozu, "Then I guess I'll be DamuSama! (Because I think he's cute!←"
Ikura, "Then I'll be the red one because he looks like he's the lead..."
Maam, "Eh. What should I do? Then I'll be the purple one that dances with IkuraSan."
Yu・Ma, "Then we'll be these two."
I picked Damu's part, but once I watched the rest of the anime I ended up liking the yellow and orange guys!←

What kind of guys to you like?!!!

I like younger guys who are nice, but sexy.
Also, someone who more or less understands a woman's heart. Lol.

I'm really jealous because your skin is so pretty.
Please tell me the secret to beautiful skin. ( ´艸`)

Is my skin... pretty?
I've been getting a lot of pimples since the end of the year...;
It's not really a secret, but
I'm careful to use makeup that's good for your skin!
I only use makeup without additives and stuff. ><

What left the biggest impression on your from 2011?

Probably Dance Master 3.
We all danced Luka Luka together at the end...
So many things welled up inside of me and I cried.

I remember that you danced part of Nostalgic as a bonus at the end of one of your videos before.
Do you have any plans to dance the whole thing?

I want to, but I don't have any plans to at the moment. ><

I saw your dance videos and now I'm trying to learn Megu Megu. Do you have any tips on how to learn it?
Alos, if you know of any dances that are easy to learn, please tell me. (o>ω

Tips on how to learn... I want tips too!
I concentrate as hard as I can to get my body to move the way I want it to!
I use my voice to! I say things like "Right right left and ton ton" while I'm learning. w
Please see Q&A Answers ① for easy to learn dances!

What do you do to relax when you're busy or feeling down??
Right now I'm swamped with exams and whatnot... (つд;*)

I sleep.
I'm really bad at relaxing! w
Or I'll meet up with my friends. And laugh a lot!
Please do your best on your exams and stuff. ><

Do you have plans to do a live in Osaka?
Or for a new DVD?

We don't have any plans for a live in Osaka yet. ><
I want to go to Osaka with DANCEROID again this year...!
We don't have plans for a new DVD yet either...;
But I want to make another so I'll do my best!

Q. SanaSan
Did you buy a fukubukuro this year?
If you did, please tell us what you think the best thing you got was!

I bought a Liz Lisa fukubukuro!
I think the best thing in it was a brown, flower print skirt!
But I haven't really looked at them all yet. w←

Please tell us what color hair you likes on guys.♪
And if you have a preferred hairstyle, please tell us that too. (´`)

As long as it's not something weird then I like any color...
I like it when a guy's hair is a little long!
Like Oshitari Yuushi or Fuji Shusuke or Okita Sogo or Jinguji Ren! w

I'm planning on uploading my first video to Nico soon, but
would you collab with me?? ><

I can't not, but I would like to collab someday.><

After my diet I gained 10kg because of rebound. ><
I thought that you had to move to lose weight so I've been dancing Luka Luka and stuff, but I'm not seeing any results yet;;
How much do you dance per day?
Also, if you have a good weight loss method, please let me know... ><

You can't starve yourself... (´・ω・`)
You shouldn't do stressful things. (´・ω・`)
By the way, I don't dance every day!
About 2 to 3 days a week.
If you want to lose weight with dance, I think you should increase your metabolism with sitz or repeated baths!
You can lose weight if you do stretches in the ofuro. (´▽`)
Also, supposedly you can really see some results just by drinking things with zero calories like tea or water!

How do you learn choreography?
Also, please give me some pointers!!

I concentrate as hard as I can to get my body to move the way I want it to!...!
I don't know if this counts as a pointer, but I use my voice and stuff...w

Is there an idol group that you aspire to be like? (>_<;)

Morning Musume!!!
It's really amazing to sing and dance at the same time!
I really admire Takahashi AiSan (although she's graduated) and Niigaki RisaSan!

Q.Shitto SuruSan
Please tell us... your recommended dance song.

I wonder what kind of recommendation you want. ><
I think Poker Face is fun!

Please tell us about places that you really put your heart into when you dance
or things that you think of while you dance. ><

It depends on the song, but I generally think about the lyrics of the song!
Since magnet is a yuri song I thought, "I LOVE YOU PAN2SAAAAAN" while dancing... w

What do you think about while dancing (at events or video recordings)? (´`)

At lives I think about making the audience excited!
But when it's not that sort of song, then I concentrate on the dance...
I try to let my feelings reach the audience? I guess I just give it all I've got...
This is a difficult question, huh. w
I concentrate on dancing when recording a video.

Um... What is your dance history like? (*^^*)

From kindergarten until the beginning of my first year of middle school I did modern dance.
Middle 1 to 3 dance club
High School 1 to the beginning of 2 School dance lessons (It was that sort of high school)
High 3 and on DANCEROID

Q.Inako na OshanSan
①What tips do you have for dancing with preciseness?
②How does one join DANCEROID?

①...Oh, I think you should use big movement! ←I just thought of this
②I don't know. ><

Do you go to H!P concerts?
Also, who do you like out of Morning Musume's 9th and 10th generations and S/mileage's new members?

I don't go to H!P concerts that often...
I usually stay at home. (´・ω・`)
I like Meimei, Zukki and Kudou!

Q.Okimiya@I love you KozuKozu!!San
I'm practicing Megu Megu.
Are there anything to be careful of or that you think is important? (´・ω・`)

Megu Megu is a fire dance!
is what I think when I dance it. (`・ω・´)
I think the most important part is probably the chorus...

1. What kind of guys do you like? (〃∇〃)
2. What is your average sleep time? (/0 ̄)

1. I like older guys who are sexy and nice!
2. It's irregular, but about 3 to 4 hours...

Q. Sahho~San
Dear my beloved Kozu Kozu,
Are you going to appear on TV anytime soon?

I was just on TV! w
But I don't have any other plans to at the moment.

Q.† Kenmunyan@sister†San
I've been wanting to ask you, besides dancing do you do any other form of exercise or dieting to keep your form?

・I try no to eat too many sweets. (Sometimes I do though!←)
・When I eat, I start with a salad or other vegetables.
・When I want to buy a lot of food at the convenience store I pick something expensive!
(Instead of buying a lot of onigiri or bread, I'll buy a salad or some other side dish to go with it.)
・I drink mostly tea or water. I only drink juice when I want to.
I'm sorry for copying and poasting my answer from part one. ><

Q.Meena( 愛咲奈 ) San
Who do you respect the most!!? (*´艸`)
I'd be happy if you could include a reason also. ★

Former member of Morning Musume。, Takahashi AiSan!!!!!
She's so amazing! Her dancing, singing, looks, everything!
And she's the same height at me! The gods are unfair!

I love the way you dance, Kozuechan. (*^∀^*)
Do you have any tips on how to dance with preciseness?
Also, what were you into during your high school years? *゜

Use big movements!
What I was into during my high school years... probably uploading videos. Haha.

Q.Mono's Diary/100PBSan
What are your favorite restaurants/cafes? Or which do you go to often?Also, what do you like to order there?

I don't really have any... Oh!
I really like Gusto's Cheese in Meatloaf!!

Something that made you smile recently. ((

We were secret guests on Shabettemita 3
Maybe that. ><

Your clothes are always cute.
When you buy clothes, what do you think about? (・ω・)

I think about whether the clothes will look good with my height and body type!
I have a big face so I don't wear clothes that are big around the neck.
I'm short and so are my legs so I think about the length of my skirts.
If it's a long skirt then I'll wear heels with it and stuff like that. ><

What is your cu... I mean, how can one become good at dancing? (?_?)

You just have to do your best. (´・ω・`)
By they way, my cup is--

I'm going to dance Luka Luka with my friends. Please give me some tips.
I personally like Lily Lily also, so if you could give me some tips on that too, I would appreciate it!

You should have fun and use lots of energy when dancing both!

What is the most difficult dance you've uploaded so far?
Also, what is the most fun?

Difficult: Happy SynthesizerHello/How Are YouResonant BlueHAKUMEIChina Cyber @ Wo Ai Ni
Fun: Sweet MagicSeishun Bus Guide, MikanMomoiro SparkingDanjoOshiete!! Mahou no LyricKiss!Kiss!Kiss!
Fun = I danced without putting any strength into my shoulders. ><

I'm going to stop here for now. (´▽`)
Tomorrow's my Coming of Age ceremony!

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