Good morning. `・ω・

It's March!!!!
It's spring!!!!!

I'm happy because it's not snowing anymore today.
It's sunny. (*´∀`*)

But there's still snow on the ground
so I'll try not fall down. (`・ω・´)←

Everyone please be careful too. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

today I have DANCEROID work

I'll do my best.    

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Broadcast Today at 10PM♪


The episode of Twin Planet Channel that I recorded yesterday is going to be broadcast today.

Like last week, TenchimuSan, ArishanSan, and I had a lot of fun together. (*´∀`*)

Anyone can watch the Ustream broadcast, so please check it out.

I might do a Nico Live before Twin Planet Channel starts!

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We're being interviewed in a magazine. `・ω・

An interview with DANCEROID and more is in the magazine

Please check it out.    

By the way, there were a few comments on my last entry
that talked about Arrietty living under my house. (´▽`)

I haven't seen the movie. (´;ω;`)
I think I'll watch it sometime. ><

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