Further News on the DANCEROID Nationwide Tour♪

Further news on the DANCEROID Nationwide Tour that was announced on our Nico Live   DANCEROIDing  yesterday.  

The tour title is...

~Girls be Ambitious!~

Locations include,

March 20th (Tues) Tokyo

March 31st (Sat) Osaka

April 8th (Sun) Nagoya

April 14th (Sat) Sapporo

(Date under adjustment) Fukuoka

There may be additional performances!?
I'll make announcements on my blog as soon as venues and other details are decided. (*´∀`*)  

Lawson Tickets go on sale February 11th (Sat)  

This is still just rough information, but I'll continue to let you know more. ><
Thank you. orz


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