I uploaded a new video!

But I didn't really dance it.

 【Kozue】I couldn't dance PONPONPON

I'm really sorry.
I'm really trying hard to upload some solo videos...
But I can't dance how I think I am.
I looked at this video after a long time and even though I couldn't dance it well
I looked like I was having fun and laughing so I uploaded it.

Because of the quality I'm only going to upload this video to Nico Nico Douga. (´・ω・`

My videos get reprinted on YouTube as mirrored versions and stuff, but
I ask that people not reprint this video onto other video sites. ><
Please understand. orz

I just woke up so after I finish writing this entry I think I'll go back to sleep. (=-ω-)zzZ

Oh! Yesterday was setsubun. (´▽`)

Did you do mamemaki? ・ω・

I did mamemaki with my familiy!
I didn't eat any sushi though. ><

Bye (o・・o)/
I'll update again laterrr. (*´∀`*)


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