Q&A Answers ⑥ This is the last one!


Q.Fukagawa AsariSan
I'm thinking about getting an iPhone soon, but what's it like? Do you get used to it quickly?
Also, what kind of girls do you like? I'm a girl. (`・ω・´)←

I have a smart phone, but it's not an iPhone... ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
But it looks like iPhones are pretty easy to use. (`・ω・´)
I like girls who are charming, girls who make an effort to look pretty/cute, girls that are peaceful to be around, girls who have similar hobbies as me, 
and girls who are a little weird. Lol.

Q.▽n uSan
1. What kind of face lotion do you use?
2. Do you have any tips on dancing?

1. Zeta White 2000!
2. Don't forget to have fun!

1. My friend and I admire you so we're going to upload our Megu Megu video, but we can't decide on names. ヽ(;´ω`)ノ
How did you come up with your name?
2. If we upload our video, would you watch it?

1. I picked 「愛川」 because it's the last name of my favorite Dokusha model and 「こずえ」 because in middle school someone told me that I reminded them of Kozue from Ichigo 100%! I think you should pick whatever name suits you!
2. I will!

Q、Koorogi no Nashi MotoSan
I had katsudon for lunch and the katsudama special for dinner, but once they're in your mouth are they the same?

Ok... in Japanese...;;

Q.Yorikumo@I'm not cosplaying at the momentSan
My goal this year is to take better care of my skin.
What do you pay close attention too and what do you use when doing your skin care?

I use products with no additives!
I use base makeup that is easy on my skin also!
My basic cosmetics and base makeup are from Venus Pure Beans. (´▽`)

I went to the DANCEROID FES in Nagoya. Do you have any more plans for events in Nagoya? ( ∵ )

Once we're able to make announcements again, I have a lot of live information so please be patient. (*´∀`*)

Please tell me how to be beautiful. (Like the secret to beautiful skin or a thin face) (T-T)///

I wrote about skin above also, but I use basic cosmetics with no additives!
I do light lymphatic massages for a thing face! Really lightly though!

What kind of encoding software do you use for your dance videos?

I use 「Tsunderenko」.♪

Q.Nijikawa ELSan
This might be a bit difficult of a question, but
when you're feeling down or depressed, what do you do to as a diversion?
Also, if there is a word that saved you during one of those times, please tell us.

I sleep! Sleeping is the only solution when you're depressed! w
That or hang out with your friends! When I'm alone, I slowly get more and more negative...w
Words that I was saved by... there are a lot, but I can't write them here. Lol.

What is your current occupation?

I can happily say that DANCEROID is my occupation!

I want to know what you carry in your baaag!

Pouch(Two types of eye drops, lip gloss, perfume, comb, small scissors, hair tie, lip cream, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, and mascara), mirror, cell phone, Frisk (gum), wallet, toothbrush set, handkerchief, tissues, face powder, glasses case, deodorant, cell phone charger, MP3 player, notebook, ball point pen, hair clip, and, when I need it, a makeup pouch (blush and highlight and stuff)
...I really carry too much stuff.

Is there anything you want to ask me? w

Not in particular. (´▽`)

Please tell us what you're into or having buying lately! It can be clothes or anything. (*´`*)

Tights with heat tech effect. (´▽`)
They're warm. (´▽`)

Please tell us your favorite manga or novels.

Manga: xxxHOLiC, Ichigo 100%, Bokura ga Ita
Novel: Kimi no Tomodachi (Your Friend)

Kimi no Tomodachi
Price: ¥620(Tax included, postage separate)

・How do you learn dances?
・Why are your legs so thin!?

I watch a mirrored video and give it my all! Really, my all... orz
My legs aren't thin! They're normal! I just wear clothes that make them look thin. w

Q.Nagatsuki MayoSan
How can I become a cute daughter like you, Kozue??

I'm not cute. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
Rather, I want to know how to become cute... Seriously...><

Is there anything that you're careful of when dancing Twinkle×Twinkle with IkuraSan?
Personally... I think the 「Chuu ni uku kono kimochi tsukamaete」 part where you open and close your hand is difficult. orz

You have to conciously wink! ><
Like an idol from the Showa period!
I think if you start to close your hand with your little finger you should be able to to do the 「Chuu ni uku kono kimochi...」 part. ♪

Recently you've been able to appear in the media more.
What is that like?

To be honest, it's embarrassing! w
If it makes DANCEROID more famous then I'm happy!
But on the other hand, I wonder if it's okay for someone like me to in the media... So I become embarrassed.
I'm always withdrawn and I fail at communicating so I don't have confidence in myself. (´・ω・`;)

Now that your in your twenties, is there anything you "left undone" or wish you had done when you were a teenager?

I wish I had enjoyed my high school life more! Haha.
But if I had, I don't think I would be the same 「Aikawa Kozue」 that I am now...
Well, I guess I'm happy with the way things are now. \(^o^)/←

Q.Mii( ´ ▽ ` )San
What kind of makeup do you use?
If you have any that your think are easy to use
or have nice color or something and recommend, I would like to know. ((o・ω・o))

Please seee Q&A Answers ① ><
I recommend,
「Pure Crysty Artisan」concealer,
「Pure Crysty Micro Flash Powder EX」,
「K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner」, and
「KATE Gratical Eyes A BR-1」eye shadow
...that's pretty much all of them! w
I buy them all over and over or I like them so much that I want to buy them again!

What is dance to you?
Someday I want to see your sing and dance in a large theater, but do you have any interest in musicals?

To me, dance is something essential to me right now.
I really like musical! I really want to be in one!! (´;ω;`)

Are there any events where fans can dance with you?

It would be fun if there were!
We don't have any plans for one at the moment, but I want to do one sometime. ><

What kind of hair styles do you like?
(Either styles you like to wear or that you like on others. ><)

For everyday life I like smooth and straight!
When I'm on stage or making a video I like two sides up and curled, ponytail,
and Takahashi AiChan's loose, curled and down style.

Takahashi AiChan's short hair

Natsuyaki MiyabiChan's bob

Pretty much everyone like Tanaka ReinaChan's curly hair style. (´▽`)

I like light hair styles more than heavy ones!

Q.Kaepu@Fujoshido KasokuchuSan
What is the most difficult song you're ever danced to?

Definitely 「HAKUMEI」.

How long it take between deciding that you wanted to upload a dance video
and actually uploading your first video?
Have you thought of being an actor in a play or musical?

I had already learned the Hare Hare Yukai so I recorded and uploaded it the next day. Lol.
I really want to be in a play or something!!!!
Seriously! Hay!!! Someone!\(^o^)/

When did your classmates find out about 「Aikawa Kozue」's existence?
What were your classmates' and teachers' reactions? ><

I don't think my classmate knew!
My friends from other classes knew though. (・ω・)
My mom told my homeroom teacher about it and they were like, "Is that so? That's amazing!"

What brands or types of clothes do you like?

I like girly clothes. (´▽`)

My son turned one year old on Christmas.♪
Children are so cute! My son and I both love Hello/How Are You!
What were you like as a child?

Happy birthday to your son. ><
I think I was a really strange kid!
Apparently I figured out how to use a boom box on my own, put on my favorite songs, and sung and danced to them. Lol.
Also, I loved Laputa and would say things like, 「Yomeru... yomeruzo!」. Haha.

Q.Kiki ( 」゚Д゚)」【Yowane Haku】San
About how long does it take you to learn a new dance?

I look at the computer and copy the moves,
but lately I haven't been able to concentrate, so about three days!

Please show us an outfit that you've been wearing a lot this winter!!

The clothes I wore on Twin Planet Channel yesterday! w
I like polka dot dresses. (´▽`)

I want to know what you do to take care of your figure or your dieting methods for when you gain some weight!!

Figure Maintenence: Have a balanced diet, don't allow yourself to get too stressed
Diet: Cut back on snacks

What do you do when you're upset?

First of all, I sleep.
I watch videos of my favorite idols.
I wait for my mood to change!

What kinds of things do you want to try this year?

I want to become good at singing.
I want to become good at dancing too.
I want to learn about plays too.
I have a certain amount of money that I want to save up. Lol.

Do you do muscle training or anything like that??

Not really. (´・ω・`)
I feel the need to... Sorry...

Are there any singers or dancers that you admire?

Singers: PurikoSan, PokotaSan, HanatanSan
Dancers: MiumeSan, YumikoSan

Q.Fukuyama Kasuga♂San
Do you feel like making a different version of Luka Luka? Because when you think of Luka Luka you think of KozuKozu. w

I don't. w

Oh, please tell me what you use for skin care!
Also, you skin's current condition(?)!!

For skin care I use,
Face lotion: Zeta White 2000
Cream: White Dream!
My skin is normal right now! w
Sometimes I get pimples on my forehead. (´;ω;`)


Your skin is really white.
Please tell us about your face or body care! (*^^*)

I don't... leave my house... Lol.
No, but I just use sunscreen during the summer
and use whitening face lotion and stuff!
By the way, I use face lotion on my neck too. (´▽`)

I've seen you call yourself a Nicochu before, but what categories do you watch?
Also, are there any tags that you've become interested in late? ^^

I watch a lot of odottemita, utattemita, and VOCALOID!
I watch MAD sometimes too. w

What are your favorite foods or restaurants!?

Lately I've realized that I like ham!
Ceasar salads too! w
Besides that, ikura, cabbage, chocolate.
Also, I like Gusto's cheese meatloaf. (´▽`)

Have you ever shook hands with or spoken to Momochi as Aikawa Kozue instead of a fan?
Also, who is your favorite 9th gen Morning Musume。 member? 10th gen?

I've never met Tsugunaga MomokoChan as Aikawa Kozue or a fan. ><
I like Suzuki KanonChan and Kudou HarukaChan!
But lately I've started to become interestd in Eripon. ><

When you wash your body, do you use regular or body soap??
I don't like body soap so I use regular soap. (。-_-。) Lol.
If you have any bath items that you like, please tell us. w

I use soap!
I'm currently in love with a soap called EPI Soap Extra Plus. (´▽`)
I think those are my favorite bath items also...
I share shampoo with my family. (´▽`) Lol.

Please tell us how you deal with stress!

I watch videos of my favorite idols! (`・ω・´)

What became of your talking about college?

I dropped it!
I worried about it a lot, but I thought some things over
and realized how blessed I am with my current environment.
I decided that I wanted to do my best as 「Aikawa Kozue」!

What is your favorite song?

It's not a word, but I love 「Busu ni naranai tetsugaku」!
I listen to it when I feel like sighing. (`・ω・´)

This all of them!

Thank you very much for all of your questions. (´▽`)    


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