We're going to appear in Nico Nico Cho Party!

We're going to appear in Nico Nico Cho Party on April 28th/29th, 2012 at Nico Nico Choukaigi in Makuhari Messe    

The official website for Cho Party  

 Nico Nico Cho Party Additional Performers Announcement Part 3!

After watching this video↑
and seeing who the other performers were;
it's too gorgeous. wwwwww

Makuhari Messe is probably big!><

I remember when DANCEROID had only three members and we performed in Nico Nico Daikaigi at JCB Hall.
We were all so scared. w

The four of us will give our all so we don't lose to the other performers  

Please watch either online or irl. (`・ω・´)
Thank you.  

I almost cried when I saw that they used the video of Luka Luka from Dance Master 3 in the 『踊ってみた』 section of the  Performer Announcement Video...!


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