I ordered ramen, but I couldn't eat it...


We're all eating int he parking area now!

I ordered ramen, but...
I didn't eat it!

Juuust kidding!
Today's April Fool's!

Thank you for the Osaka performance!


The Osaka performance of the DANCEROID FES Nationwide Tour has ended successfully!!!

Thank you very, very much
to everyone who came to the live,
the staff,
and the members of DANCEROID. ><

Everyone was so wonderful I thought I was going to cry during the
afternoon and night performances, and during the encores. ´;ω;`

I have more pictures, but I'll show you later. `・ω・

Thank you so much for today. ><

Today is the Osaka performance!


Today is the Osaka performance of the DANCEROID nationwide tour. `・ω・

I'll do my best. `・ω・


Tickets for DANCEROID FES Tour's additional performances
and the One Man Live on June 3rd
go on sale today at 10AM!

Lawson Tickets http://t.co/iv7uJGC5

Okayama: 68874
Fukuoka: 86684
Sendai: 25699
★Tokyo(One Man Live):74610

Recording for Akiba Ranger now. ・ω・


I'm recording for Akiba Ranger this morning!

I'm going to drink this get fired up! And I took a picture of it, but
it's all blurry. wwwwww

It's almost April
so it's going to start being televised soon. °ω°
I can't wait. ∩°ω°∩

We have rehearsal this evening, but...

I forgot my clothes. \(^o^)/

Lolol. \(^o^)/

I'll have to buy something later, before the rehearsal. \(^o^)/

And www
My shoulder and neck muscles really hurt. www

Why? www



「Good morning」

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A Summary of Today's Events!

Today we recorded Twin Planet Channel!
And then I had voice training! (´▽`)
It's fun to sing! (´▽`) I'm bad at it though. w

I did a bit of shopping. ・ω・

Body cream

and new eye shadow

and brown eyeliner for my bottom eyelids.

I really like the eye shadow.

It looked cute,
so I've been wanting for a few days now.・▽・

Maybe it's because spring is coming,
but it's getting a little warmer each day.  

It snowed last April,
but it looks like spring is on it's way already this year. (´▽`)
Come on, Spring! (´▽`)

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We're going to appear in the『Girl's Bomb!!-Part 1-』♪

『Girl's Bomb!!-Part 1-』
at Tokyo Kinema Club

April 7th, 2012 (Sat)
11:00 Open 11:30 Start

Day Of¥3,500

DANCEROID / SPACE GIRLS PLANET / Rizumu / Survive-ZERO / choice? / FG Gakuen Ruikyuubu / Fleur* / Feam / ミ★pop / Marry Doll

I'll do my best. (´▽`)

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