The first day of the tour (´▽`) Purikura up too♪

It's finally the first day of the DANCEROID Nationwide Tour!!
I'll do my best!!!!
【New Goods Information】
DR T-shirt 4 Types Each 3000円
DR Strap 2 Types 1500円
DR Towel 1500円
DR Wristband 1200円
DR Photo 1 for 100円 ※Random

A DANCEROID LIVE DVD has been confirmed!You can only reserve them at the live venue!
You get a special DVD when you make a reservation!
DVD's are planned to go on sale at the end of May.
Price 3000円, postage 640円

※Pre-sales start one and one half hours before doors open for the live.
a DANCEROID TOUR commemorative stamp rally has started!
See here for details.↓
Here are the purikura that we took at the Nico Nico HQ
when we went shopping in Harajuku. (´▽`)


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