Uploading purikura with Maam for some reason ・ω・


I'm going to put the purikura that I took with Maam yesterday.

We tried wearing suits.

Uuuuu Yay!

We're in Harajuku☆Ufufu☆
↑What with this face. wwwwwwww

We used the new Mero Mero model?
But we turned the big eyes function off. w
The brightness setting is the second from the top.
We used the fluffy setting. (´▽`)

After my date with Maam yesterday,
we had yakiniku with Weekend☆Dinner Show! And then we went to karaoke!

I think the last time I had fun with that many people
was at my coming of age ceremony!
It was so much fun! (´▽`)  

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