We went to experience a store. (´▽`)

Today we went to 
AKIHABARA backstage pass for a magazine

We were taught about the customers and tried being customers...

had interviews in between...

were taught dances...


and finally we were allowed to perform

I couldn't do the dance they taught us at all! (´;ω;`)
I'm really sorry. ><

But I'm glad that I got to dance Megu Megu! ><
I was really nervous. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

A picture with the idols who were on stage with us.☆

The outfits were cute,
there store was beautiful,
the cast was cute,
and all of the customers were such nice people.
It was a lot of fun

It was an enriching day. (´▽`)

I want to go to AKIHABARA backstage pass
as a customer on one of my off days. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

I'll let you know about the day the magazine goes on sale and whatnot a later date.

I ate tomato ramen in Shunjuku afterwards.

It was delicious.  

I forgot to write something important. (´;ω;`)
Thank you very much to everyone who came and supported us,
even though thought it was on such short notice.><
And thank you very much to the store's staff and cast.><

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