Akiba Ranger is finally going to start airing tonight...

I was going to say that it hasn't sunk in yet,
but as I wrote this entry I started to feel nervous. wwww

So, with that being said,
BS Asahi's new drama 「Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger
starts tonight at 1:30AM. ><

I'm a regular, so every week Mita Kozu KozuSan will appear in one way or another
Sometimes I only have a short appearance,
but sometimes I get a larger role than I'd expected

Some people on Twitter have asked me things like,
「Is BS a paid channel? (´・ω・`)」
Nope! You can watch it for free. (´▽`)

At the official site, there's a page called
「アキバレンジャー視聴方法」 (How to watch Akibaranger),
so please be sure to check it. ・ω・

Please try watching it. orz

Well, I'm off to rehearsal.

Please check out these links. ><