Miura Sally's!

Good morning!!

Yesterday I got a special handkerchief for buying Miura SallySan's CDs that went on sale on 4/11,
「泣キ歌」(Naki Uta) and 「恋ノ歌」(Koi no Uta), at the same time.
Miura SallySan works for the same office as us and has appeared on DANCEROIDing before. (´▽`)

It's a cute handkerchief with a character designed by DANCEROID's IkuraSan and
Miura SallySan's kiss marks on it. (´▽`)    

At all major CD retailers across the nation, if you buy
「泣キ歌」 and 「恋ノ歌」 at the same time
you can get one too!!
(But it seems there's a limited number of them!)

Everyone, please look for them at your local CD shop.


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