Good Morning

I haven't been writing in my blog,
or giving people Petas,
or updating my Twitter or GREE much lately.
I'm sorry. (;´Д`)

Aikawa Kozue is alive.

It's already May 20th!
Already!! OMG!

The one man live is soon!
I'll word had.

After being in Akibaranger I started to go see the plays that my co-stars are in and thought,
"I really like plays!" and went to a trail lesson for plays yesterday.

If you've taken a play lesson before you should understand.
Isn't it an odd scene? Haha
You might even be driven away. Haha

But I liked it. (´▽`) Lol

So that's how it was!
The trial lesson was fun!

But since I was just getting over my cold I collapsed in bed as soon as I got home! www

Everyone, please take care of yourselves and be careful not to catch a cold! ><

Also, since some people watch on TOKYO MX and some people watch on Bandai Channel
I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but a lot of people said I was cool in that one scene of Akibaranger!
I did my best!←

Let's all do our best today too! (´▽`)

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