My riajuu uploaded a new video and purikura we took!

My riajuu Marice (We were classmates in middle school and in dance club together!) uploaded a new video!!
Cat eared maid clothes! Cute!

 【Marice】Schrodingeiger's Kitten Dance Cover

It looks like Marice has finally become a premium member! w

She made a community so I joined right away.

Everyone, please continue to support Marice!!←What am I? Her mother?

We took purikura together quite a while ago, but I didn't upload them so I will now. ・ω・


We've know each other for about 7(?) years.

We're tried putting on airs. Lol

We've already decided what our next collab will be.
I want to hurry up and dance together! (´▽`)


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