Thank you for the Omiya event!

Thank you very much for the event at Omiya Arche. (´▽`)  

A public radio recording
and an outdoors live

It was really fun. ><

Since it was outside, everyone got rained on.
Please be careful not to catch a cold or anything.  

Golden Week is just starting so you have to enjoy it. ><

By the way, I couldn't decide on my makeup for my bottom left eyelid

so I was a little downhearted.

Well, I was still energetic. (´▽`) Haha

Also, also,

the waffles that the staff gave us were really delicious! (´▽`)

Tomorrow is the Okayama performance of the DANCEROID nationwide tour
The day after is the Fukuoka performance  

Those of you can come,
let's both have fun. (`・ω・´)

By the way, today we ran out of goods
and we weren't able to sign autographs.
Sorry. (´・ω・`)  

Thank you very much for coming out to see us in the rain. ><

Please check out these links. ><