We tried dancing I ♥

Good morning. ・ω・

Last night my dance video with my friend Marice was uploaded!

I fell in love with this song and choreography one day
and told her that I wanted to do this song,
but it's so difficult that I kept messing up... orz
It took three hours to record... but I still messed up. Haha

ニコニコ動画(RC)【Kozue & Marice】I ♥ Dance Cover

YouTube【Kozue & Marice】I ♥ Dance Cover

But it was still really fun!!

This is actually my 100th odottemita video on Nico Nico Douga. ><

When it comes to uploading videos, there are fun times,
times when I feel under pressure, bad times,
and a lot of other things,
but with this video I realized, again, that having fun it what's most important.

But having fun doesn't equal smiling while you dance!

Uploading "odottemita" videos is my hobby. I hope that never changes.

I'm still preparing for the DANCEROID One Man Live on June 3rd,
so for now I'm just going to put all of my energy into that!

After that I'm planning on doing a lot of "odottemita" videos!!

Please continue to support me.

I think it's really weird that I've uploaded 100 odottemita videos! Haha
Thank you very much for watching my videos,
reading my blog,
and supporting me.

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