We're back in Tokyo

Although we got home yesterday!
I'm home!!

I lose my spirit on off days. ´・ω・
My bed is my friend on those days. Haha

Lately, because of the tour I've been staying hotels
and when I'm not home my mother's been rearranging my room,
so when I got home I was shocked. Haha

Honestly, it took about two days for it to feel like my room again. Haha

My mother's funnn ´▽`

I forgot to add this when I showed you my pictures from the Okayama performance,
so I'll put this here.

Oh! Also, also!
Sorry I forgot to make an announcement about yesterday's Akibaranger. ´;ω;`

I remember that we only had so many of those things that I threw in the last scene
so I was really nervous. w


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