DANCEROID is going to appear at the 『Tokyo International Book Fair』

『Tokyo International Book Fair』 Appearance Confirmed!

On July 8th, DANCEROID is going to appear at the Kosaido booth at the 「Tokyo International Book Far」 to be held at the Tokyo Big Site, to celebrate 100 videos of people reading the light novel 「Haikei, Anata wa Vocaloid wo Shitteimasuka? (Dear, Do You Know Vocaloid?)」!!

July 8th (Sun)
※The event is from the 5th to the 9th, but DANCEROID will only appear on the 8th (Sun).

Tokyo Big Site

・Daytime 13:15~
・Evening 16:00~ 

For everyone who comes to the event,
there will be a DANCEROID present from Kosaido Publications!

ベルIn regards to admission into the 「Tokyo International Book Fair」ベル
The Kosaido booth is free, however, in order to gain admission to the Tokyo International Book Fair,
please acquire an invitation ticket from the 「Tokyo International Book Fair」 website ( ) beforehand.
There will be a \1,200 admission free for those who do not have an invitation card upon entry.

ベルIn regards to the DANCEROID dance live and talk showベル
A numbered ticket is required for the dance live and talk show.
Please see the following information on how to apply for numbered/handshake tickets.

【How to apply for numbered tickets】
Please email by June 23rd (Sat) at 10PM with the following information
Subject = 「DANCEROID Event」
Body = ●「Full Name, Gender, Age, Telephone Number」 ●Would you like to attend the 「Daytime」 or 「Evening」 event?
※You can only attend one of the two performance.

【Announcement of numbered ticket winners】
On June 23rd (Sat) at 10PM, after the application deadilne,
70 people for each performance will be selected by lottery and emailed their number.
On the day of the event, please present the email screen of a printout.

【Other Notices】
The event may be cancelled depending on the circumstances. Please acknowledge this beforehand.
Cautions for the day of the event will be described on the website and in the email contained the number.

Details hereクリック
Tokyo International Book Fair hereクリック


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