Event Information Concerning DANCEROID

DANCEROID will have a performance and handshake event at
the Nico Nico Headquarters Renewal Event!

ドキドキParticipating Members
Itokutora (Ikura)
Yuzuki (Yuzuki)
Maam (Maam)
※Aikawa Kozue will be at another event, so it will only be the three.

ドキドキHow to Participate
You can watch for free.
※Because of venue space, you may not be able to enter.

《Handshake Event》
If you buy the following target product, you will receive one ticket.
※There is a limited number.

ドキドキDate & Time
June 30th (Sat) 4PM~5PM

ドキドキTarget Product
DANCEROID LIVE DVD ~Girls be Ambitious!~
Tax included: \3,000

ドキドキImporant Points
~Handshake Event~
※There is a limited number of DVDs, so please understand if we become sold out.
※One ticket per person.
※Please do not forget to bring your ticket on the day of the event.
※There will not be reissues for those who have lost, damaged, or had their ticket stolen, so please be careful.
※Ticket scalping, reselling, replicating etc. is prohibited.
※Please note that, due to unavoidable circumstances contents may change or be cancelled without notice.
※Transportation to the venue and lodging costs are the responsibility of the customer.
If, by any chance, the event is cancelled, the same applies.
※The organizers, venue, and performers assume no responsibility for accidents of theft that occur inside or outside of the venue.
※Except when permitted, picture, sound and video recordings are prohibited on the day of the event.
※There will be mass communication and media interviews and shooting.
※Please not that, at the handshake event, attendant may touch your shoulder or arm to guide you.
※You will be asked to leave the venue if you interfere with management.
 In the worst case, you may be banned from the event itself.
※Sit-in rallies around the venue are prohibited.
※Camping out around the venue is strictly prohibited.
※To prevent accidents and confusion there will be various restrictions.
※There are no lockers or coatrooms in the venue.
 Please take responsibility of managing your luggage.
※Please that returns and exchanges will only be made for defectives products.

Appearance on the 49th Dream Creator!

Last week the resurrection of the TV show, Dream Creator was announced!
DANCEROID will appear as guests on the first new broadcast!

※Aikawa Kozue will be at another event, so only three members will appear here as well.

Dream Creator #49【Guests: Kishida Mell, DANCEROID】http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv98353826


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