I danced with Marice

Today I went to a certain dance school lessons with Marice
and simultaneously took a breather? and relaxed?!

I'm covered in sweat so my small amount of makeup is pretty much gone!
Forgive me! w

We took purikura too!

But my hair's all shaggy and my makeup is...! www

(knock knock behind you
The dance lesson was fun!!)

(Good job at the one man, Kozue!!)
↑Thank you!

(We danced!!)

↑This is a pose from the dance we did today! w

By the way, Marice uploaded an entry for Dancer Master 4,
but I wonder if she's going to be in it.
If she is, then I want to be in the audience! Haha

ニコニコ動画(RC)【マリス】shake_it_! Dance Cover

I loved reading everyone's comments about father's day on my last entry. ´ω`ラブラブ
Thank you, everyone.ラブラブ


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