My Twitter is 1 year old.

It's been one year since I switched to my current account. ゜ω゜ノキラキラ


I have about 24,000 followers on my current account!!
Thank you very much to everyone who follows me.キティちゃん*ペコリ

I'm going to continue Tweeting my blog, video uploads etc.
so please continue to support me. ´ω`

...S that's what I had to say about Twitter!!

By the way,
it's already passed,
but the 17th was father's day, wasn't it. `・ω・

I was in Osaka for the DANCEROID One Man Live,
so, like with mother's day, I ordered a gift to be sent to my father on the 17th!
I emailed him as well!

Did you do something for father's day? ・ω・音譜