Presents for those who collected over 10 stamps in the nationwide tour stamp rally!

Sorry for not updating my blog lately!
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Finally, the day after tomorrow, June 3rd, is the DANCEROID One Man Live!
I'm sure there are people who are thinking 「I've never been to a concert before...」 or
「I don't know if I can go by myself...」, but!
Please come see us!
You can make friends there and even first time concert-goers can have fun!
I promise you won't regret it!
All of us in DANCEROID will do our best!
Thank you!
And tomorrow at 6PM DANCEROID is going to do a Nico Live!
One Man Live Eve Special ><
Please watch. ・ω・

we announced it on last week DANCEROIDing, but
for those who collected over 10 stamps in the stamp rally that was held during the DANCEROID Fes 1st TOUR~Girls be Ambitious!~ we have prepared a present!!
(Sorry for the delay. ><)

「An invitation backstage after the DANCEROID One Man Live!!」

You can exchange your stamp rally card for a backstage pass at the One Man Live venue!
And be invited backstage after the performance!
※Don't forget your stamp rally card!

However, if you can't make it to the venue,
if you send your stamp rally card to the office
you can receive a present from the members!

Here is the address↓☆
〒106-0032 東京都港区六本木7-3-25
DANCEROID スタンプラリープレゼント係

Four points get one autographed cheki,
eight points get three autographed cheki,
if you haven't made an exchange yet, please come to the One Man venue
or mail the office!

If you're mailing to the office, please don't forget your name and address!

That's my announcement!!


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