Thank you very much for the One Man Live Tokyo performance!

Sorry for the delay!
And I'm sorry if I surprised your or made you upset with my last entry...!

Now! With a change of mood!
Thank you very much for DANCEROID's One Man Live on June 3rd!!

I was happy because there were a lot of people!
We had a lot of fun!

I messed up a lot,
but I'll reflect on it and keep moving forward.

Thank you very much.

I'll give it my all for the Osaka performance too. `・ω・´

Pictures below!

Desperately trying to get service on their iPhones. Haha↓

With IkuraSan↓

With King↓

With Maam↓

I don't have any pictures, but my costars from Akibaranger
Wada MasatoSan, Uchida MaayaSan, Hinami KyokoChan, and Ogino KarinChan came!!
They're all good people. ´;ω;` Thank you very much. ´;ω;`

The director of Akibaranger, Tasaki gave us flowers!!

(The picture always ends up sideways; Sorry;)

Thank you so much. ´;ω;`

Marice and some of my other friends from middle and elementary school also came
so I was really nervous! w
And for some reason they all came to the matinee. www

The One Man Live is ending so quickly!
I'll do my best!

good niiight! ><