Thank you very much!


Thank you very much for the DANCEROID One Man Live Osaka performance yesterday. ><ラブラブ

Thank you very much for the flowers as well. ´;ω;`

Here are my pictures with the other members.アップアップ

With Kingラブラブ

With Maamラブラブ


Cleaned up! w

I took one with IkuraSan, but it didn't save,
so I took another afterwards (after cleaning up).ラブラブ

With our opening act, Love la doll音譜音譜

I did the choreography for both of the songs that they performed.
What did you think? ><

They're all so cute and nice girls.
Backstage they said, "It's because of KozueSan that we're able to stand on stage...! Thank you very much!"
I almost cried. ´;ω;`

I've never been good at choreography and there was a lot of trouble,
but I'm glad I was able to choreograph for them!! `;ω;

Love la doll, please continue to work hard
and thank you for being our opening act!><

And, and!
Thank you very, very much to everyone who came to the venue!!><ラブラブ

During this one man live
we had solo time,
it was more narrative ? than the nationwide tour, haha,
we unveiled King's new costumes,
surprised IkuraSan during the evening performance.
We tried a lot of different things. `・ω・

What did you think?? ・ω・

I'm satisfied because I got to go "Sei!" and "Come on!" during my solo time of the evening performance! Haha

Thank you very much for the DANCEROID One Man Live ~Back to the Future~!

The people who were involved in video editing and filming,
the venue and office staff,
Love la doll,
the other DANCEROID members,
the people who yelled for us on Twitter and in blog comments,
and of course, everyone who came to the venue!

Thanks to everyone, I think this one man live was a success.
I've written this over and over again in my entries, but...
thank you very much!


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