『One・Two・Three』Dance Cover

Thank you very much for watching Dai! Tensai TerebiKun yesterday. ><
I was happy to see all of the comments giving me your impressions!!
I cried because you watched for meee. (´;ω;`)

Now for the main issue!
I uploaded a collab video yesterday! (´▽`)

ニコニコ動画(RC)【With 10 Friends】Morning Musume。's 『One・Two・Three』【Dance Cover】

YouTube【With 10 Friends】Morning Musume。's 『One・Two・Three』【Dance Cover】

The 10 of us tried our best to dance together!

At the end of June I thought, "I want to dance this with 10 people!"
and looked for a studio, costumes, and members for this video.
Things I wouldn't normally do. ・ω・

I was a nuisance to everyone at time,
but I was so happy when everyone told me that they had fun when we were done recording. ><

It was a really, really fun recording!!

With Marice (´▽`)

By the way,
Marice (hot pink), Appi (royal blue), and Joy7 (green) are friends of mine from middle school and
Kirin (pink), Kurumi (red), Kanyu (chocolate), and Megu Megu (mint) are friends from high school.音譜
I practiced for a musical and often go to see plays with Kon Kon (purple) and
I met Ruuko (orange) through Nico Nico Douga and go out to eat with her a lot, so I invited her. (´▽`)音譜

It was really fun!

This video was favorited by Morning Musume。's official channel.

It was a miracle. I was so surprised...!!
I'm so happy!!!! (´;ω;`)

Please let me know your thoughts on the video. (´▽`)


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