Thank you for 1,000,000 views!

My Hello/How Are You video reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube the other day. ><

Thank you very much, everyone!

YouTube【Kozue】Hello/How Are You Dance Cover【It was difficult】

Thank you very much for all of the views on this video that was uploaded the other day! ><
I don't think I've put it on my blog yet, so here it is!

YouTube【VocaloP Novel】100 People Reading Aloud ・Aikawa Kozue Version Part 1

So with that being said!←
I'm going to do a Nico Live today at 9:30PM. (´▽`)
I'm planning on chatting. ・ω・

Please come if you've got some free time. (´▽`)

Thank you very much for my Nico Live!
I'm sorry that the screen went dark at the end. (´;ω;`)

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