We tried dancing Romeo and Cinderella

I uploaded a video!

It's the Romeo and Cinderella video that I recorded with Pan2 yesterday.><

ニコニコ動画(RC)【Pan2×Kozue】Romeo and Cinderella【Dance Cover】

YouTube【Pan2×Kozue】Romeo and Cinderella【Dance Cover】

I thought I'd made it so that my bangs would stay,
but they're completely disheveled, aren't they. Haha

If you'd like, please check out the video. (´▽`)

I had a comment on my blog asking,
「Aren't extensions simpler than natural hair?」,but
becuase of the cost and care, natural hair is simpler! w
But when you're growing your hair out, I think extensions are simpler!
You can have long hair as soon as you put them in, or short (natural length) hair as soon as you take them out!!

But more importantly,
I want to have a small face! (urgent)


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