We're going to appear at Nico Nico Dance Master 4!

We're going to appear at Dance Master again!

ニコニコ動画(RC)8/18 「Nico Nico Dance Master 4」 Performers Announcement!

Nico Nico Dance Master 4 ~Let Nico Nico live, live!!~

August 18, 2012 (Sat)
OPEN: 17:00 START: 18:00

Differ Ariake

※An "odottemita off" is planned to be held on the day of Dance Master 4, from 3PM~4PM, in the Differ Ariake parking!!

ベルReal Ticketsベル
\3,000 (Drinks a separate \500・Tax included)
Purchase tickets here

ベルNet Ticketsベル
The encore is viewable for those with a net ticket, which cost 500 points!⇒Purchase page for net tickets

Event details here

DANCEROID is going to appear this time as well!
We'll do our utmost best!

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