It's Finally Today.

Augutst is over and now it's September!

It's finally today!
『DANCEROID One Man Live 「DR Revolution」~Aikawa Kozue Graduation~』

Net tickets for the live broadcast are on sale now.
Please watch. ><

A summary of tomorrow's added information.

You can take limited DANCEROID purikura!
Scheduled to start after 2PM!
There are two types! Look forward to them!
※There is only one machine, so please understand that it will be difficult for everyone to use it.

Purikura: Scheduled for 2PM~
Goods Sales: Scheduled for 4:30PM~

samfree will have DJ time tomorrow!
"LoveLaDoll" whom Aikawa Kozue does choreography for are coming! Look forward to them!

I update with information on Twitter a lot,
so it may be a good idea to follow me there. ><

I had my last rehearsal on the 31st,
but it didn't feel like the last at all!

Even now it doesn't feel like tomorrow's live is the last. ・ω・

Is my head just trying to escape reality...? w

Everyone who's coming to the venue, everyone who's watching online,
let's be sure to make it a really fun live. (´▽`)
Thank you (´▽`)


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