My Vitality is Missing Haha

The new color contacts that I'd ordered arrived
and the color and size are just as cute as I thought they'd be, so I was all
Yaaay, yaaay (ノ´∀`)ノ And was going to... take a picture of myself...

but I decided not to... Haha

Recently my vitality comes from my femininity, but...
I don't know what happened to it... w

My skin is really dry
I looked like someone with a life of despair. Haha

I go to the beauty salon,
eat while thinking about how good the food is,
consciously thinking about how I want to become beautiful when I take baths

And a lot of other things

They're all natural, but important things.
I fully realized that I have to be serious. (;´Д`)
Reflectiiing (;´Д`)

I'm going to my grandmother's house.
I haven't been there since New Year's.

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