Tell Us About the Graduation Live 1

It's completely cooled down, hasn't it? ・ω・
And it's already this late... ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

Thank you very much for the graduation live!

I just can't seem to write my entry about it,
so I'll write about it little by little. ><

First I'll upload the pictures that I took with the people who came to see us.

With Mariceこれ

With Miura SallySanこれ

Everyone's doing a sexy pose. Haha

With SujikoChanこれ

This is after I cried during the live, so my makeup might be coming off a little,
but please pay it no mind. ヽ(´Д`;)ノww

Next, flowers!!

Thank you very much. ><

Even from out opening act, Love La Doll...!

Thanks for dancing my choreography. (´▽`)


I'll write about the live itself in my next entry. (`・ω・´)

☆The time shift of the live is here. ↓☆
(You can watch part of it for free.)


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