Tell us About the Graduation Live 2


It's been almost five days since the graduation live...!
Time flew...!

So with that being said,
I'm going to write part two of my entry on the graduation live. ・ω・
It's going to get long, but please stick with me. orz


First, our set list.

1. Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night
2. IA IA ★ Night of Desire
3. China Cyber @ Wo Ai Ni
4. Shakariki Only One
5. First Kiss!
6. Emo Love
7. Koi Shichatte mo Ii Desuka?
8. LOL - lots of laugh -
9. Gravity=Reality
10. Prism Heart
11. Bye-Bye
12. Baby Maniacs
13. Distorted Princess
14. Jounetsu wo Upload
15. Poker Face
16. Twinkle×Twinkle
17. Lily Lily ★ Burning Night
18. Girls be Ambitious!
19. Luka Luka ★ Night Fever
20. Melting Snowman's Love Song
21. Luka Luka ★ Night Fever

I remember that the audience was amazing.
I watched the Nico Live's time shift as well and wow... the comments were completely pink!
Again, thank you very much. ><

To be honest, it didn't even sink in that "This is the four of our's last performance!" when the live started.
Not until we were dancing the third song, China Cyber @ Wo Ai Ni, did I think,
"Ahhh, this is the last time I'm going to face Maam..."

When King has her second solo I face Maam.

But I wasn't sad,
I again thought, "I have to have as much fun as possible until the very end!"

My goal for this live was "to have fun".

Recently, during lives I've been putting too much energy into my shoulders
and actually haven't been able to enjoy myself a lot of times.

But in mid-August, at Dance Master 4,
I heard someone say, "The audience won't have fun if you're not having fun."
and I remembered that and made it my goal for this live.

And I feel like I was able to dance without straining myself.

We did our usual self introduction after the fourth song, Shakariki.
「I'm DANCEROID's Aikawa Kozue! I love female idols!」
↑I remember thinking, "I won't be able to say this after I graduate DANCEROID" as I said this!!
It was rrreally weird feeling! I always said it like it was nothing...

When I started dancing after that it felt like 「Wahhh ヽ(*´∀`)ノ」 and we were already dancing LOL... It really flew by.
(It's important so I emphasized it twice. w)

And after LOL was that!!!!!\

The surprise!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for making a comment video for me,
MiumeSan, Marice, COCO, and MinkaChan. (´;ω;`)
And thank you to the other members who planned it. (´;ω;`)

I was told that we going to do MC during this time,
but the staff made a mistake and put 「Kozue Videos」 on the set list. w
But all that was written was 「Kozue Videos」,
so I thought it was going to be the other three members playing beach flag while yelling "Congratulations on graduatiiiiing!" ww Or something like that. wwwww

But I was totally wrong. wwww I was really surprised... ((((;゚Д゚))))

After this I changed and had my solo...

It had been a long time, over a year, since I'd last danced Bye-Bye.
I felt very different dancing it since the rehearsal.

Unlike in the past, the lyrics got inside of me and I was able to dance it... or...
Maybe it means I'm an adult now. Haha

After the solos it was time for the intense songs! w

Counting form Bye-Bye I did 5 songs in a row,
so I was all "UOOOO",
but even that was really fun!!

When it came time for my solo during Jounetsu wo Upload I thought
"This is my last solooo!"
and did my best with what little stamina I had left to dance it coolly. Haha

We had an MC, danced Twinke×Twinkle...
I don't actually have any memory from here until the encore. Haha

But it was that fun!!
The same with the audience's calls. I loved the feeling of togetherness. ><


And then the encore.

The venue was completely pink and they were calling, "KOZUE! KOZUE!"

I'm an idol wota and watch H!P concert DVDs and stuff so...
isn't this custom?
On birthdays or for graduation concerts the venue turns that girl's color.

So I remember that after I finished changing, I looked at the stage and thought,
"Ahh, Aikawa Kozue was thought of this way too. I was loved." and I was really happy and relieved?
Thank you very much, everyone.

The first song we danced for the encore was,

DANCEROID has never danced this before, but it holds a lot of memories.
MTP Sensei put all of DANCEROID's choreography into this dance.

It was difficult to learn the 「♪tick tock tick tock」 in the second half,
but I'm glad the four of us were able to dance this. (´▽`)

After that was the graduation ceremony.

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to cry in front of people,
so the day before I was thinking, 「I wonder if I'll cryyy Maybe I wooon't. (´▽`)」,
but I ended up crying. Haha

I worked with IkuraSan for three years
and Maam and King for 2,
but today we're going our separate ways.
This really sunk in then.

I was surprised when MTP Sensei suddenly appeared and was like UWAAAAA

I thought I'll have to try even harder from now on. Really.

I smiled and let out all of my feelings during the last Luka Luka.
Because I'm most happy when I'm smiling with the audience.

Thank you very, very much, everyone.
Aikawa Kozue will contine to work hard.

DANCEROID announced that they will be recruiting new members.
I was really surprised when it was announced that IkuraSan, Maam, and King would be joining the audition as well,
but I'm going to continue to support DANCEROID.
The DANCEROID audition page is hereこれ

I apologize for the sluggish, cluttered, long entry. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ


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