I'm going to appear at「Idol Side Street Festival!! in Ogura Aru Aru City」!

「Idol Side Street Festival!! in Ogura Aru Aru City」
Aikawa Kozue, Up Up Girls (Provisional), HR appearances confirmed!!

November 24th, 2012 (Sat)


Aru Aru City
Aru Aru City 7th Floor "Aru Aru YY Theater"・Aru Aru City 1st Floor Basement Event Hall

Advanced: \2,500- Day Of: \3,000- (+1Drink \500)

ベルPerformers (in Japanese syllabary order)ベル
Aikawa Kozue, Up Up Girls (Provisional), asfi, ANNA☆S, HR. MKM-ZERO, Kimitomo Candy, Kmomone Mai, Komori Yui・Hoshino Mina, Southern★Cross, SPATIO, SEISHUN Gakuen, Chimo, D-little, Doll☆Elements, Dorothy Little Happy, Manamino Risa, Ai Otome★DOLL, Rev.fromDVL, Reishushu

ベルTickets go on saleベル
October 20th, 2012 (Sat) at 11:00~

ベルPlay Guideベル
Ticket Pier 0570-02-9999 http://t.pia.jp/
Lawson Tickets 0570-084-003 http://l-tike.com/

Aru Aru City

ベルPlanning and Productionベル
Idol Side Street

Aru Aru City 093-512-9566

ベルEvent Official HPベル

With that being said!
I'm going to appear at 「Idol Side Street Festival!! in Ogura Aru Aru City」. (`・ω・´)

Fukuoka prefecture!!
A solo expedition. ヽ(・∀・)ノ I'm a little nervous.

I would be happy if you came to see me.♪


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