A question that was in the comments!


The dress and cardigan that I'm wearing in this purikura
are both the brand LIZ LISA. (´∀`)

By the way, the dress was a gift
and I really love it. ><*
Thank you very much!! m(__)m


about the band-aid on my nose...あせる

About two weeks ago
something started forming on the tip of my nose.
I thought, "It'll disappear on its own eventually.", but it didn't.
Instead it hurt when I touched it and it was hard, so I went to the hospital...

And had it surgically removed...
They gave me anesthesia, but it still hurt a lot...
Just between you and me, it hurt so much that I started to cry.←

There's still a wound there
and I can't put makeup on it, so I put a bandaid over it. ww
I look like a mischievous little boy. wwww

...and that's that!!


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