Idol Alley Festival!! in Ogura Aru Aru City!

Today is finally!
「Idol Alley Festival!! in Ogura Aru Aru City」. (゚ω゚)

I'm so nervous that my shoulders have gotten stiff. (^-^)(^-^)←

After my performance
I'm planning on working at the sales table!

We will be selling Aikawa Kozue T-shirts, towels, photo sets, and,
depending on the situation, I may be taking cheki!
Whether or not I'm doing autographs also depends...
I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do handshakes though. ><

A lot "depends on the situation",
but please come see me. ><

Today's time table is on
Idol Alley's Ameblo,
so please come see my performances on the 7th and B1 floors!!
I automatically become happy when I hear the audience yell "Kozueee" "Kozu Kozuuu"...(/_;)