Good morning音譜

Last night the CD's that I'd ordered arrived. (*´∀`*)

The first is this.

YUI's best album,

There are a lot of songs on it that I already own,
but I heard that she was going on hiatus by the end of the year, so I immediately bought it... ><

I've been affected by YUI's music since I was in middle school,
so I want to continue listending to YUI's music on this CD!!!!

The second and third are these.

【Postscript】 Mai Mai's face is getting cut off in the picture;; (´;ω;`)

「2℃-ute Shinsei Naru Best Album (First Production Limited Edition A CD+DVD)」 and
「2℃-ute Shinsei Naru Best Album (First Production Limited Edition B CD+DVD)」!

I was only going to buy the limited edition A at first,
but then I became interested in the special DVD with the long interview
and ended up buying B too... w

I watched A's performance video
and B's long interview
and they made me want to support ℃-ute!!!!!

Before I generally liked everyone in ℃-ute,
but after I watched the long interview I thought they were really amazing...
Especially when I heard Hagiwara Mai talk about school.
I started crying. (´;ω;`)

℃-ute fans need to watch the interview on the B versoin!!!

...and with that being said,
those are the CD's that I bought.音譜

I'm going to the orthodontist's today! ><
I don't like the pain, but I'll do my best. ><

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