Thank you very much for the Christmas event!

The Christmas event has ended successfully!
Thank you very much! ><

During the dance time I danced
℃-ute's 「Soku Dakishimeta
Morning Musume。's 「Kimagure Princess
and 「Oden☆My Life」(゚ω゚)

I went to edit this entry and all of the sentences below disappeared
so I'm going to rewrite them...
It's 12:45AM
Before the event began
I made a cake for everyone!

↓Decorating the cake

I have no sense so it was pretty bad... (straight face

The cafe employees kept encouraging me while I worked saying,
"It's nice because it has that sense of being handmade...! It's fine...!"...ww


We cut it up and ate it. (*゚▽゚*)
How was it? ><

After that we had a lottery,
and I even sang...

It was really fun. (´∀`)ドキドキ

Thank you very much to everyone who came to my event
even though Christmas was on a weekday!

Thank you very much for the gifts too. ><、

For some reason I took a bunch of pictures of myself in my Santa costume. Haha

Merry Christmas!!

Thank you so much for today!!!!


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