Today's Happenings!

Thank you very much for watcing my Nico Live earlier!!
It had been a while, but it was fun. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ音譜

By the way, the color contacts I was wearing were 「Dolocy MLabel」これ

I'm using the navy color. (*゚▽゚*)
I really like them. I feel like I've been wearing them for four months already. ww
I recommend them.ニコニコ

Today I had practice for my play in January, 「Kaerizaki Living Dead」・ω・
After practice Suzuki TsutomuKun, Sekido YukiChan, Akaba MioSan and I went out to eat dinner.ナイフとフォーク

I ordered an omelette, but then this came...


That's not the omelette I know... :(;゙゚'ω゚'):Haha

But it smelled really good and it was delicious. (*゚▽゚*)

If I have the chance to go there again
I might order the omelette again. (*´∀`*)ドキドキ

I discover new things every day that I go to practice!!
I feel enriched. (`・ω・´)キラキラ

The screenplay is full of jokes
so it's pretty funny.星

I have to try hard not to laugh on stage...←

Tickets have gone on sale,
so if you haven't checked it out yet, please do... ><


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