Videos of Love La Doll and I have been uploaded!

The other day I went to teach Love La Doll some choreography
and two videos from that day have been uploaded to YouTube.音譜

YouTube【Love La Doll】「Luka Luka☆Night Fever」Dance with Aikawa Kozue

YouTube【Love La Doll】「Seishun GIRLZ Saizensen!!!」Dance with Aikawa Kozue

I'm the one in the black jacket. ・ω・

「Seishun GIRLZ Saizensen!!!」is Love La Doll's new song
that is going to be released on 12/12. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

In continuation with 「LOVE☆MAGIC」 and 「HONNY BEE」,
I did the choreography for this too!

Love La Doll is going to have their first solo live on
February 23rd, 2013 at TwinBox AKIHABARA.キラキラ

If my schedule is open I'm definitely going to see them!! (`・ω・´)

They're selling tickets at the sales tables of lives that Love La Doll performs at
so please come to their first solo live. ><*

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No one told me to write this entry and advertise their live.
I was just really moved by the three of them working so hard during lessons... (´;ω;`)

So I thought that I wanted to help them even if just by a little bit!
So I wrote this!

...I have to work hard so as not to lose to them. ><

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