I thought I'd lost my glasses,
but they were next to my pillow!
I'm so happy!

I'm going to an event this evening. ・ω・
I can't wait. ・ω・

Kaerizaki Living Dead

Again, thank you very much for the play, 「Kaerizaki Living Dead」! (´;ω;`)

I'm going to upload some pictures. ・ω・音譜

A group photo including producer/write Inoue TeteSan.スキ

Takahashi AsukaSan and I in the set.笑

Yomoya siblings (^O^)
Miyazawa ShoSan, myself, and Nishida MihoSanキラキラ

Yomoya house residents (^O^)
The three of us with Sekido YukiChanハート

The four of us with Kawashima Hiroki who plays the detectiveリボン-borderspink


With TOKYO Meteor Showerきら

I wanted to take a picture with Metal Kaitodan too, but unfortunately I didn't have time... (´;ω;`)汗

After the show♪

With NishidaSanドキドキ

With SekidoSanドキドキ

With TakahashiSanドキドキ

This was my first play and lead role,
so I think this was a really valuable experience.

It was like this during practice too,
but I just couldn't imagine myself on a stage, reciting a script,
so it was like a dream when it was time for the real thing.

So many people came to see the play those three days
and they laughed and cried for us.
At the autograph session after the performances
people told me, "You did well!" and "I want to see it again!"
It was really fun and I'm so happy that I was able to do this.

By the way, MIKISan did the choreography for the last dance.
Thank you very much for the cute choreography. ><

Inoue TeteSan and my co-stars were really all such amazingly kind people.
I get pretty sad when I think about how it's over already. (´;ω;`)

My sentences are somehow unfocused;;

Starting with the meeting in mid-December
until the final day on the 20th,
I really learned a lot and, above all else, I had fun.

I'm grateful to everyone who played a part in this.
Thank you very much.


The treasure of my character, TsubasaChan,
「stuffed animal that you're not quite sure what it is」笑

Shinbashi's Charisma!!!!!!!

※I'm going to do a Nico Live today at 10:30PM.

I'm going to the dentist's!!

I had a certain job today. ヽ(^0^)ノ
It was fun. (*^^*)
I wish I could hurry and let you know what it was.アップアップ

Afterwards I went to Lotteria for the first time in a looong time!

I think I got the Delicious Cheeseburger?
It was so good.ラブラブ!ラブラブ
I'm fully satisfied. ・ω・音譜

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the play with me in my previous entries. ><

I hope I can update with pictures and stuff when I get home!
I want to try and do a Nico Live sometime tomorrow. ><

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Thank you very much!

All of the performances of Kaerizaki Living Dead have ended successfully!

Thank you very much, everyone. ><

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Final Day


The daytime performance of the last day of 「Kaerizaki Living Dead」!!

I'll do my best!!!

Today my family, DANCEROID, and Love La Doll have come to see me! (ノ´∀`)ノ

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