Thank you very much for the event!

Thank you very much for the event at
the Nico Nico HQ.ドキドキ

I danced
音譜Luka Luka ★ Night Fever
音譜Seishun GIRLS Saizensen!!!
with Love La Doll.アップアップ

It was fun! (*^O^*)ラブラブ

Afterwards I took a picture with Love La Doll!

My clothes totally look like a bath robe. Haha

Love La Doll are so cute, like my little sisters. (/_;) It's not fair.
I want to dance with them again...!

Thank you very much to
everyone who came to see me
and everyone who watched the Nico Live.ラブラブ

On a different subject,
maybe it's because my eating habits have been weird lately, but
when I looked in the mirror today
I looked like I'd aged a lot...

I was wearing an adult-like hairstyle, but...
Seriously, I looked like I was in my 30's...←

Nooo! 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

I want to be a youthful, healthy girl!!

Oh, that's right!
I had a different job this afternoon! (^O^)

I'm itching to tell you about it!ニコニコ
Look forward to it.キャンディー

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