I went to「ODOROOM PARTY2013」!

I was finally able to upload three pictures...! *shake shake*

I went to see 「ODOROOM PARTY2013」 on the 27th. (゚∀゚)アップアップ

A lot of dancers that I know were in it.音譜

They were selling merchandise too so I got some.キラキラ

Miume T-shirtこれ

1Nen 25Gumi T-shirtこれ

They're both cute. (´Д` *)ラブラブ

I think I'll wear them at dance practice and stuff from now on.むーUfufu

I also got a 1Nen 25Gumi wristband and strap.♪

I already have strap on my smartphone. ww

It was a DJ event and I hung out with Pan2 who also happened to be there. (*´▽`*)

Thanks to the people who noticed me during the event and came up to me. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I was really happy. ><アップアップ
I'm sorry for always being so shy...!顔

Although it's by myself, today I have practice for the event I'm going to be in
 on 2/2, 「2/2-FM360LIVE!」 ・ω・

There are dances that I haven't done in a while
and ones that I'll be dancing on stage for the first time,
so I have to give it my all...!! 


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