Thank you very much for the event!

Thank you very much for the KDDI event!!

This event had a different feel to it than any other I've been to so far.
I was really nervous about dancing. ww
My legs were shaking. ><

I shared a dressing room with KorosukeSan and 217San (Nina),
so we talked the whole time. (*'▽'*)
Both of them are so nice...!
But 217San's ghost story was scary. Haha
She said that she passed through the kitchen and the water turned on my itself... (゚o゚;(゚o゚;AAAAAH

A picture of the two ghost attractors (though there's no ghostly feeling).←

I love 217San.
She's kind, bright, fun, cute, cool, her face is small, her arms and legs are long, she's thin, she's fashionable, and she dances well.
I want to be reborn as 217San right now. (serious face)

I'm going to make this my wallpaper starting today. (*^^*)

Thank you very much to everyone who came to see me today. o(^-^)o

I think my next event is the Hina event on March 3rd? (゚ω゚)
We're going to do collabs and stuff, so I think it's going to be a fun event!
There are still tickets left, so please come. (*・ω・)ノ

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