Thanks for the Valentine's Event ★

Thank you very much for the Valentine's event. (^-^)ドキドキ

There were some happenings,
but it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves
so I'm relieved. ><

I wore a maid costume
that I'd just bought in Harajuku
on my way home from the airport. o(^-^)o

↑I looked really tired, so Haha

Chocolate colored (^O^)

The song, 「Valentine~Aikome Handmade Chocolate~」
is a masterpiece! (ノ´∀`)ノ

By the way, the BGM during the event was Buono!
and afterwards, during the cheki photoshoot was Morning Musume音譜

They were from my MPC player. w
Fufufu (゚ω゚)

Thank you very much
for coming to the event! (*^O^*)ドキドキ

いちごAikawa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozueいちご