The picture!

I took with DANCEROID yesterday!
Everyone's so cuuute. (*´▽`*) I'm jealous. (*´▽`*)

Some people asked about it in the comments,
but I was secretly playing Animal Crossing
in the staff seating? while they were taking cheki. w

I went and greeted them backstage afterwards. ><

Recently there have been too many instances
where my manager and I haven't been able to properly exchange information about my work. (´・ω・`)
I need to proactively ask about it more.

I haven't made an announcement on my blog about this weekend's au event yet,
but I'm sure they're already selling tickets... sorry.

As I wrote that I searched for it
and there was an announcement on the official Aikawa Kozue site...

And there are only 14 days left to apply...
People who only follow my blog and Twitter probably didn't know about it...
I'm really sorry...

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